Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Swinghead Rigs

These lures are great! Weedless, casts far and of course catches. Attaching different types of plastics gives you a versatile rig that can be used for various conditions and predators.

You can rip, crawl, bounce these lures anywhere in the water column.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Navotas Threadies

Steven and I decided to go for a half day trip to  get some dinner fare. Navotas is the nearest spot to go to that has good/great fishing. reports indicated that only juvvie threadies were present but that was good enough for a couple of desperate anglers looking for some action.
 Dawn at Tangos, Navotas

 Mussel beds

 Fish Traps

 These fences funnel the fish to the circular trap at the end.
 Threadie on a Got-Cha!
 Steven all wrapped up.
 These are really small. Usually we catch them in the 1-4 kilo range.
If you're around and want to try this experience, feel free to contact me. +6329272610702.