Saturday, May 30, 2009

Metro Haruan

Just south of Metro Manila in Paranaque is an area filled with fishponds. The area is soon to be filled up to make way for a mall extension so i trekked the area and checked out the fishing while I had a chance.

All caught on SPRO frogs! I usually release fish i catch immediately but for a photo's sake i kept them and released them after.

Friday, May 1, 2009

This is the ONE that catches dalag. It has gone through more than two decades of design evolution. The right balance of bouyancy at a specific retrieve speed allows it to scoot near the bottom at a dalag attracting pace. You cannot find spinnerbaits of this size or design anywhere in the world. It's somewhere between a crappie and bass size with my own unique wire frame. Those that have used it for dalag hunting have realized what i mean by it being the ultimate haruan lure. I'll sell these to people who swear to release most and only keep a few.

Light colors for bright days/ clear water

There is a choice of either: ( please specify)
Single blade- clear water
Double blade- off color

Blade size/ color will be my choice but rest assured what I make is exactly what i use.
Wire frame is silver.
I will only make when you order so give me some lead time.


Single Blade lure Php 150

Double Blade lure Php 170