Monday, May 23, 2011

Wildlife Park Toman

The Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park is located smack in the middle of Quezon City. Recently, it was the venue for the second HHC (Haruan Hunter's Challenge) and we are considering it as the venue again for the third leg. A three kilo haruan has been caught there and the recently introduced Toman are also getting big. Sprofrogs and spinners score well on the resident fish as well as small cranks.
I took a trip there recently ( the place is 5 min. away from my residence) to check on the predators.


fishspinningreel said...


l believe you are the one that compared bait caster with spinning reel. "fish after fish". we can not compared an "apple" to an "orange", can you? even both are fruits still these are two different fruits. l hope you got my point, am not trying fusion(bad feeling) between you and me. l know you are good on a bait caster, am a spinning reel user only. how good am l with spinning reel? several tines (lots) l caught 12-18 lbs fish(fresh water) on a 5 foot rod(light) with a 4 lbs test line(1000 reel). l say these again, am not trying to challenge your skills and abilities.


matakail said...

mai jd follower