Thursday, December 13, 2012

Morning At The Wildlife Park

Morning duties were done and I had a couple of hours to kill before doing some legwork.
The five minute drive to the park stretched to half an hour due to the morning rush...would've been better to walk but a man on the street with a fishing rod in hand would draw too many uncomfortable stares. Really should get a couple of 2-piece rods!

These two haruans were a good start. Caught on my Rapala Franken Shad. old shadrap that breaks it's lip is a phoenix rising! It transforms into a new lure with a totally different action, one that fish can't resist! Probably how the guys at Rapala developed the Glidin' Rap

 This toman took a liking to my topwater "gun". A full breakfast for me!

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ayasaki hayate said...

ask ko lng po kung anu po ba mga kailangan pra mkapag sport angling sa PnW ??? may hinahanap pa po bang mga certificates or IDs pra makapagsport fish po? and may payment po ba? salmat po :)