Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Puerto Azul Panfishing

Midday found us at the Puerto Azul Beach Resort. The place was deserted save for three other anglers trying their luck w the fishing gods. Gretchen and I launched the Crawdad- a bit small but adequate for all the water present.
The area had rocky cliffs that guaranteed great ambush cover in the water below!

   Our lure of choice was the 15gram Rattle Shrimp by Berkeley. Obviously the right choice as grouper after grouper pounced on it. Unfortunately all were juvies save for a couple of big ones that managed to break off.
We released all save for a few that were hooked deep.
Towards late afternoon while working the rivermouth a Threadie took a liking to my Mirrolure topwater. True to form it gave an impressive fight.
 Another struck the same lure but didn't hookup. All in all it was a nice day on the water. An experience we definitely will repeat.

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